E-Waste Collection Fundraiser

Our E-Waste collection program is a great way to help our school raise funds and at the same time do a good thing for the environment while getting rid of your junk. It's good for everyone.

What is E-Waste collection?
E-waste is any electronic device and also includes ink cartridges and toner cartridges.  These items cannot be thrown into the garbage but must be disposed of at an approved recycling facility.  Because this adds a frustrating step to most businesses and individuals, these electronics usually end up in back rooms, closets, garages and basements.

Where do I get rid of my items?
Bring them directly to us at the school. We have a large green collection bin outside for you to drop your items off. Please come by the office between 9am - 4pm and the friendly staff at the office will help direct you.

Have a pickup right at your work place!
We encourage businesses to hold drop off days where everyone can bring their items from home of office to one central place and we will come take it all away for you. This is great for large office buildings or businesses that have lots of e-waste that they need to get rid of.

Call or email us today to get rid of your e-waste. Thank-you for your support.


Ewaste Collection

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