Parents modeling Christ
We often laugh at how our children copy what we do, how they reflect us
in every way, including our bad habits. There is no doubt about the amount of influence we as parents have in the lives of our children. There is also no doubt that we have a tremendous responsibility to raise our children in a way that honours God.
Leaders modeling Christ
The church has always been, and continues to be, a place where we go to fellowship, learn, and grow. Through the words and actions of our pastors and Sunday school teachers, the children are instructed in the Word of God and taught the foundations of our Christian faith.
Teachers modeling Christ
As our children spend so many hours each week at school, teachers have a powerful influence in the life of each student. Teachers often become role models to their students and as they teach the foundations of math, science, language and arts they are actually changing the way their students see and understand the world.



Open House for Kindergarten - Wednesday, May 27th, 8:45 - Noon

  Introducing 5 Day Kindergarter for the 2015/16 School Year

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